Hogan Fighting Knife.

This is a largish size fighting knife based off of a design by Master Arsenio J. Advincula. It has a 9" blade with a sharpened swedge, is 14 1/4" OA. Spine has fine cross filing for grip with a power assist strike. Guard is 3" across. Black canvas micarta scales with stainless pins and tubing on a tapered tang. Kydex sheath drilled for multi possitions with a tek-lok. 10' of paracord wraped around sheath.


The handle on this knife is designed for four grips. The first grip places the forefinger in the enlarged choil. This provides a choked up grip for fine work. The second grip is a classic hammer grip with the forefinger and thumb directly behind the guard. The third grip lets the the knife rock forward from the second grip pivoting on the forefinger. The thumb moves from the side of the knife to either a 3/4 possition or along the spine. This puts the bulge on the back of the handle directlyl in front of the webbing of the thumb. The fourth grip puts the forefinger in the second finger grove and the butt of the knife in the palm of the hand.

These are variants of the hammer and fencers grips. It was not designed to be used in an icepick or reverse grip, though the reverse grip is not too bad.